Frog-Inspired Free Crochet Projects

The world’s most famous frog, Kermit, sang that “it’s not easy being green”, but we all know that’s not necessarily true. And here are some amazing frog-themed crochet patterns to prove this point. These are easy patterns that will be an absolute hoot to crochet… I mean who won’t get a chuckle from a hat with big googly eyes, and an absolute joy to behold as your kid is wearing them.

Frog Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This frog hat is an absolutely adorable, ultra-cute beanie with huge googly peepers and a pleasant grin from one side to the other. It’s an easy, fun, and joyful pattern for your pure crocheting enjoyment.

Frog Baby Booties

These baby booties are also sweet beyond belief. They would go very well with the frog beanie, but function equally well on their own. Best of all, their size enables you to use up some green yarn scraps, instead of busting the bank for new skeins.

Plush Frog Baby Hat

A plush frog that can be a great addition to a baby’s outfit. Soft and comfy, will surely be a kid favorite. The pattern will be appropriate for older kids as well.

Fred the Frog

And, of course, no frog crochet collection would be complete without an amigurumi Grenouille. So, here are some ami froggies to fulfill that need. You can just see them sitting on their lily pad, waiting for some food to fly by.

Frog Friend Free Crochet Pattern

Who said that frog has to be green? This creature is so characteristic, that it can be made in any color you want and kids will absolutely know who it is. This little froggy in pink will be especially popular with little girls, but, really, it can be made in any color you like. So, if you know your kids’ color preferences, you can make a frog friend ideal for them.

Froggies Around the Pond Blanket

The froggies set won’t be complete without a blanket. What will be a better addition than a cute frog blanket? Froggies Around the Pond Blanket is a cute modification of the Teddy Go Round blanket. Four animal faces on the corner will make a cute, eye-catching border no matter which side your baby is wrapped up with.

Mini Frog Buddies

And here are even smaller froggies which are just a perfect fit for small hands. They will also look great as a planter decoration!

Mini Frog Buddies

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